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White Wines


2021 Pinot Grigio: Elegance, richness and compexity of this wine go well beyond a simplistic typical Pinot Grigio. Honeysuckle & tropical mango delictely sneak in the background to round out this enjoyable premium treasure. 

2021 Le Renard Gris: Abundant peach nectar, crushed apricot and ripe guava combine and deliver awesome aromatics.  Then the elegant palate and soft complexity of this wine shows so well with tropical fruit tones echoing throughout.  The wine is crisp, flavorful and full.  Tropical, soft and refreshing.

2021 Unoaked Chardonnay: Fresh, vibrant and classic Chardonnay with flavors of ripe melon, tropical mango and honeysuckle all wrapped up in one gem. Balanced and delightful flavors please from start to finish with pure Chardonnay fruit. Vibrant, clean and a mouthwatering experience. 

2020 Barrel Fermented Chardonnay: Classic Chardonnay aromas such as sweet peach skins, lush pineapple and subtle honeydew are all in the aroma but married with elegant nuances of oak.  The full, rich and viscous fruit palate is balanced with the wonderful lingering classic broad flavors of the sur-lie process.  Handcrafted in the Burgundian style on top of a Virginia mountain.


2021 Blue Mountain Mist: A tropical pop of star fruit, pineapple and peach pie crust aromas. The fruit flavors build out on these fruits while adding flavors of papaya, mango and fresh baklava. A fruit salad in a glass. Sit back, sip and enjoy this fabulously rewarding wine. You deserve it.


Freezeland White:  Citrus aromatic tones of orange peel, tangerine and zesty grapefruit. Very much our Sauvignon Blanc style wine. The flavors turn tropical on the palate showing mango, papaya and a splash of lush honeysuckle after an early morning misty drizzle of rain.


Red Wines


2019 Merlot: Lush and concentrated right bank Bordeaux styled aromas.  Flirtations of raspberry, blackberry and blueberry intertwine and push forward in this classic higher altitude growing region Merlot.  Then a black cherry palate orchestrates with a rich oak toastiness.  Just the right oak accent to enhance the complete wine experience.  Lush, rich, complex, fine tuned and balanced. 

2019 Reserve Cabernet Franc: Black cherry, luscious raspberry tones and a deep rich ripe stone fruit build on the aromatics with a subliminal accent of French toasty oak and vanilla. The viscous concentrated palate is focused on thick cherry fruit with flirty nuances of blackberry, licorice and cocoa. A farm grown hand selected fruit wine crafted with family care and distinction.  

2019 Meritage: Concentrated, voluminous, rich, deep and lush ripe fruit characters.  Ripe blueberry, crushed blackberry, plum and vanilla combined with a refined dusty cocoa and pleasing subtle toasty oak finish.   An alluring complex wine enjoyed as each stage of the palate unfolds in layers.  Enjoyable rich ripe fruit range of flavors, palate filling and with very subtle nuances of tobacco and oak.  This is another great Bordeaux style example of our Fox Meadow Wines.  

2019 Cabernet Sauvignon: Voluminous, lushness, concentrated and focused.  Aromas of violets, ripe plum, blackberry and savory premium oak.  Damsons, blueberry, anise and blackberry all fill the palate.  Then arrived the nice lingering oak finish to just carry on all that enjoyment.  Firm tannins and packed with natural fruit lushness from hand cared for vines.

2019 Petit Verdot:  An awesome wine with depth, power and grace.  A big wine packed with boysenberry, blackberry and plum aromas.  Those same fruits carry on the palate while showing nice big tannins and a beautiful delicate sweet oak. And for the finish a nice touch of brambles, cassis and classic low level Bordeaux chimney aromas.

2020 Meritage: An “easier style” Meritage reflecting our softer vintage of 2020. Fruity grape expressions of fresh blueberry and cherry work so well with just a delicate touch of clean oak and a touch of cigar. The fruit really takes center stage. An easy going red wine with silky tannins and a soft long finish make for seamless enjoyment. Silky, lush, smooth and fruity!  

2021 Rosé: This is a brighter styled vibrant rose. Fresh strawberry, pomegranate and honeysuckle merge in this classic fruit driven refreshing rose. The red fruit palate, with deep berry fruit flavors, could lead on to think this was made from Pinot Noir. Not so! Light and so nicely refreshing. Enjoy! 


Freezeland Red: That perfectly balanced easy sipper red wine. Black currants, red raspberry and super ripe stewed blueberries echo both in the aroma and showing on the palate.  Extremely approachable and enjoyable.

Library wines are also available from previous vintages - please contact the winery for information on these wines.